Mr Fixie Again



Aims and Goals

2018 my 70th year.

Birthday in July, we will be working in Italy. So cycling goals will reflect that six month space of little or no cycling. Bikes will be left at home…..

So in cycling terms my aims will be low, two maybe three 100 km  Audax, all of them extended by riding to and from Arrivee. Arrivee is the start and finish venue, which is not always in the same place.

February has seen the first one ridden and completed, total km being 160. It was also the break in of my New fixed wheel bike. Aluminium frame, carbon forked Dolan .

So it seems plans change , like the wind direction…. So working life at CIA will end at Easter. Then two weeks later we are off to Brittany, back to working full time for Eurocamp. Back in September….

When we return in September , I will have to regain fitness and resume riding….

The vague plan is to ride with the club (Sherston Velo) for whatever is left of the month. Then as the new (2018/19) Audax year begins, prepare plan the celebration of my 70th year… 2018 will close with mainly gaining and building strength and fitness. to roll onward and into 2019, Paris Brest Paris year…. With no intention of riding that, an SR on fixed will be the first goal.??????

Thoughts on my 70’th year…. Brian Chapman 600 as a Perm, Lands end John o Groats on Fixed ????? SR on fixed ???

Only time and tide will tell???




Dolan FXE (Upgrade)

First major upgrade looms , brakes as fitted off an old bike are twisted, so brake pads do not align correctly ( squarely) with the rims! Possible partial solution would be to bend them back, question would that be a safe and good idea. Aluminium does not lend itself to bending!!

So new brakes, which ones ?????

Dolan FXE

A new frame and forks, track ends and chain tugs. So chain/wheel should not move, safer as chain is retained better.

As the majority of parts have come off the Holdsworth, their life expectancy will be relatively shorter.

The plan is to change the chainring and cogs, which will mean a new chain at some point. Brake calipers are off Tommy’s Specialized, shorter reach, so again will be replaced.

This bike will form the base of my goto bike, Audax, Club Rides and work! Will that make me fitter/stronger and more flexible/supple?? Or just more weird /different?


Improving Muscle and Flexibility

Joined a gym BPF Tetbury, now as long as I use it regularly I will get stronger. Flexibility from stretching each day and after each ride!

So my aim is to not get bigger rather more muscle strength, muscle endurance. Increase core strength and with it posture.

Bike riding this winter being the rides for work and at weekends. Maybe depending on weather Wednesday’s with Tommy maybe.

Life progresses like an ever flowing river.

2018 moves me forward, gym ceases as a new job emerges. Membership stops after February.

So I continue as before with regular stretching , light weight work for arms and shoulders, plus core (plank). Use roller to massage muscle.

A new fixed wheel bike (Dolan FXE). With most parts off Holdsworth, a new bike is born. Alluminium Frame, Carbon Forks. Lighter, stiffer so more responsive….

Mr Fixie Returns

So it goes, a return to modifications to my dear old Holdsworth, fixed wheel again.

For the frames survival it has to be the last time the rear forks are compressed!

Cotswold Clarion

With the demise of Malmesbury Clarion CC from the end of December 2017. A new club will arise, like a Phoenix from the ashes of a manoeuvred vote. Malmesbury Clarion ceases to be!

After the formal ending at the AGM in January. Where attachment of Malmesbury CC will end their membership of the National Clarion!

So two members Tim W and I will with the assistance of three others create a new club or section of the National Clarion. This will be called Cotswold Clarion, a club open to all and any cyclist. The rules of the club are to be formulated as is the image / kit.

The rides will be based on a distance ride, possibly or likely on each Saturday. A no drop ride, however a ride which demands a reasonable level of fitness and bike maintenance. The carrying of sufficient tools and spares to get the rider home.

In the event of poor/wet weather eg from October to March the fitting of mudguards. No mudguards no ride!

The wearing of helmets recommended, but not mandatory!

Ageing-Gout = Frustration

Here I go again. Moaning….

As I get older and especially this year, it seems as though I’m falling apart slowly.

Two crashes, one of which certainly a bad one ,recovery from it is proving difficult, still carrying the scars and damage to my right hand. Grip can and often is painful.

Now gout rears its painful, ugly head. Right big toe swollen and painful, hard to walk, even harder to put on my cycling shoes and ride to work.

I know I will recover from the gout and the crash. It’s just proving a challenge.

I’m getting older, so recovery is getting harder and slower. Patience never a strong point of mine. The desire to rush on, only leads to more failure and deep depression.

So my question to self is how do I get past this and put these months behind me.

Planning for Audax Year 2017-18

Planning to ride fixed/single speed during the winter.

Aim is for RRtY beginning in October.

2018 my birth year so going to make memorable.

With gout and the weather intervening RRtY ends as quick as it began!

Then an interview at Eurocamp and a job offer changes everything.

Camp couriers for six months, puts a stop to most Audax plans!

So for now Dec until we go, continue in the gym two to three times a week, plus bike rides fitted in around the weather.

Then the Continent beckons, work for six months or so and a return to Audax October on… Plus a return to me gym….




SP 37 Perm

Or best described as a hilly bike ride in the sun.

Met up with Tommy and Tim (three musketeers). Outside Lloyds they joined me, so together we rode to Avening and up to Minchinhpton! A nice hill to warm us up and prepare for the coming day. A tea break complete with receipt, Garmin Ride loaded and off we went.

First error after 1km, overshot our right turn, as the hill was steep a bit of effort required to retrace and connect with the correct turn.

Down into Nailsworth, then of course climbing again past Forest Green and to our first passage or info control. Information found and written down, next stop Tesco’s Stroud, as that meant we had descended of course we had to climb. Up to Whitehill ( always a give away for steepness when a hill has a name).

Next info control ( name of wood). Then down again to next info at Harefield, finding only a derilict phone box we resorted to next info name of house. By now the desire for a brew was growing, so onto Painswick and a cafe. Though as the name suggests and as we had descended, some pain was extracted hills to precise a cafe was found and coffee purchased.

Rested all be it briefly, we girded our loins and headed for the lovely Slad Valley and its tortuous climb.

Arriving at Bisely we again sought refreshment. No cafe so we made do with a biscuit.

Onward to final control at Minchinhampton , but not before another lovely descent and of course climb up to the common. 

A few twists and turns and we arrived at Minchinhampton. For coffee and cake.

Thus finally refreshed we set off home, with a brief climb upto Cherrington and a swift ride to Tetbury I at least was home. Tim and Tom of course had to ride on to Malmesbury!

A great day a wheel, lovely sunshine and great company, what better way to spend my time?